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We believe that toys are more than just playthings. This is because, they not only help in developing different skills in children, but also develop their potential to the fullest.

Some parents believes that Why should I rent toys, when I can buy them for my kids?

The answer to this is exactly the reverse of the question – “Why should you buy toys, when you can rent them?”.
Why Buy, when you can Rent is the new mantra for the 21st Century Parents. And especially when the rental concept not only pocket friendly but also space enhancer in your home. 

Wouldn't you want to make more space in your home for your kid to play, rather than fill it up with toys that your kid will never ever touch even.
Most importantly, the rental concept allows you to expose your child to the Best of the brands & Huge variety of Toys/Books at a fraction of the cost. And saving your travel time, since we deliver at your doorstep.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Kids get more number of toys to play with, as you can replace the toy once they outgrow it.
  • You can choose playmates for your kids from the Huge variety and wide categorization.
  • Our quality check team makes sure that you get safe and clean toys with no chemical residues.
  • Different plans to suit your needs.
  • You get prompt delivery at your doorstep.
  • By renting the toys you can save time, money and space.

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