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1. What is KhilonaExpress? is an online toy library. We provide toys on rent to our members. In addition to toys, we also have books, puzzles, games, flashcards, charts, CDs and worksheets to aid the complete development of your child. You can rent toys based upon the membership plan of your choice.
2. Why should I rent toys, when I can buy them for my kids?
The answer to this is exactly the reverse of the question – “Why should you buy toys, when you can rent them?” There are many benefits in renting vis-à-vis buying. Children outgrow toys very quickly as they grow. Moreover, they love variety and get bored with the same toys. Renting is an economical solution as compared to buying. And our homes, too, don’t have space to stock unlimited toys. Renting toys enables parents to keep their homes clutter-free while also providing a wide range of toys for their kids.
3. Why on-line and why not physical library?
Two reasons:
  • In today’s busy schedule, an on-line library saves you a lot of time by sparing you from the trouble of actually visiting the library.
  • An on-line library allows you to browse through the entire stock that we hold irrespective of whether it is available for ordering on that day.


4. How can I register on is an end-to-end online library. You can register online.
  • Click on the “Become a member” Tab on top menu.
  • Fill the details, choose the plan of your choice and make the payment. In case you need any help with the registration process, you can call / whatsapp on 9399779760.
5. What are the various charges associated with the membership?
  • Registration charges – these are one-time non-refundable charges i.e. Rs 500 /- for first kid & Rs 250/- for sibling.
  • Membership Plan charges – these are recurring charges for using our services and products , and are based on the plan selected by you.
  • Refundable Deposit – this is refundable at the time of termination of membership.
Will I have to register again if I wish to purchase plan for my second child?
You will not have to register again and pay the complete registration fee again. You will just have to add the child’s details in the “Kids Section” of your account and pay the nominal registration fee of Rs. 250.
7. How can I make payment on
We have integrated a secure and trusted payment gateway. At every stage of a transaction which is processed through a payment gateway information is encrypted using SSL technology. Thus, you can safely pay through Net banking, debit cards, credit cards, etc. You can also deposit the cash at our office.
8. How do I renew my membership?
You can renew or upgrade your membership by clicking on the “Renew” button on the “My Plan” page.
9. What if I forget to renew? Will you remind me?
We will send you a reminder as your renewal date approaches.
10. How soon can I get my deposit back if I chose to discontinue?
You will get your deposit back within 7 days from the date of termination.


11. What brands of Toys/Books does Khilonaexpress keep?
Khilonaexpress has collection of the best of International and Local Brands such as: Leap Frog, Fisher Price, Funskool, Playskool, Tomy, Ok Play, Chicco, Creative, Frank Education, Skillofun, Little Tikes, Dinsey, Hasbro, Mattel, Think Tank (erstwhile Dr Woods) and many more.
12. Can I make a shortlist so that I don’t have to browse through numerous pages every time I want to order?
Yes, you can add items to your Wish list, which will act as a shortlist for future reference.
13. Are there any Delivery charges?
There are no Delivery charges till six kms from Regal Square. For 7-11 Kms, delivery charges would be Rs 50/- for every delivery and pickup, that has to be paid in cash at the time of receiving or returning toys. For the premium products such as Slides, Trampoline, Riding Car, etc. delivery charges will be on actual transportation cost incurred.
14. Can I purchase any Toys/Books that I have taken on rent?
Sorry, at present, we are only providing the toys/books on rent. However, we can help you get good deals if you wish to purchase any particular product.
15. How do I return the Toys/Books to
You will be informed from our end when your plan is about to expire or when the toys are to be collected.
16. What if I am not at home / in town on the date of delivery / pick-up?
If you find yourself unable to attend to the delivery / pick-up on a particular date for some genuine reason , you can call us and we shall adjust the visit accordingly, provided we have been informed well in advance, else you will have to manage pick up/ delivery within the week on your own.
17. What if, the Toy/Book that I am looking for is not stocked in the Library?
We are sorry, if you did not get what you are looking for. While we endeavour to expand our range, we would love to understand your requirements, so please drop us a mail or give us a call for the same.
18. Can I gift Khilonaexpress plans to my friend/family members?
Yes, you can gift any plan to your friend/family member. Khilonaexpress offers gift cards for the same. For this, you have to provide complete details of child and pay registration & choosen plan charges, security deposit has to be paid by receiver itself. For more assistance , you can Call on 9399779760 (Mon-Sat : 10 AM - 7 PM ) and we will assist you with the details.


19. What steps are taken by to ensure proper hygiene of the products, especially since these are used multiple times?
This is an aspect we are extremely particular about. We give utmost importance to hygiene and sanitization of the products. We follow well-established sanitization methods and material to ensure impeccable hygiene. Each item is thoroughly sanitized when it comes back and also when it goes out again. It is re-packed if re-packing is required.
20. What if the items are lost / damaged by me?
Loss or damage is not uncommon and we fully empathize with our members in such events. Normal wear and tear in fine, but if the damage renders the products unusable, it becomes necessary for us to replace the product to make it available to other members, as we would not like a damaged product to be in circulation. Hence, in such situations, we would seek your co-operation in making good the loss to the extent of the MRP of product minus 10% of cost. The MRP of each product is mentioned thereon, to ensure complete transparency with regard to the amount of the loss. However, in case of loss, if you get the lost piece or toy itself within your membership period, you can return the complete toy, ensure it in a good situation and get your money back.
21. What do I do if I receive items in a damaged condition or some of the items are missing?
Our processes are robust and as a policy, we check all items before dispatching them to our members. Therefore, in all probability, you would not experience a situation like this. Nevertheless, if you do receive items in a damaged condition or some of the items are missing, please call immediately and we will sort it out.

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