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Thing a Ding Dings

  • Product Code : 35AKH0052
  • Point : 350

Material: Plastic

Battery : No.

Brand: Funskool

No of Pieces : 22

Description: Make a Different Toy Every Time Watch your kids get creative and make different types of toys with the Funskool Thing a Ding Dings set. Featuring 22 interchangeable parts, it can be used to make several combinations, so you get a new toy by joining the different parts. Kids will love changing and fixing the various parts on the toy's main egg-shaped body. They can put together its different parts to make cute toys such as the Beater-nose phone, Elephant-copter and the Twirling Top clock. This toy also encourages children to be creative and provides an impetus to their imagination. Moreover, these creative toys for kids also produce amusing ringing sounds, which will entertain kids all the more.

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