This is an aspect we are extremely particular about. We as parents ourselves, understand your apprehensions and concerns when it comes to children's safety. Therefore, we ensure that every product in our store is safe and fit for children. For the same, we follow a rigorous safety process at all levels to exceed your expectations.

To ensure the hygiene of the products our quality experts follow this process:

1. Inspection

Our team keenly inspects each returned product to analyze the level of sanitization required. All toys are inspected for breakage, spoilage, ends/edges, unwanted materials, etc. Moreover, on regular intervals, we check our complete range for contamination by special microbiological tests.

2. Sanitization

We use cleaning & disinfecting techniques as appropriate for a given product. We use hot water with natural disinfectant to clean and disinfect our toys and then dry them. Furthermore, to disinfect the product, we use lint-free biodegradable wipes.

3. Packaging

Toys are ready to be delivered after sanitization. However, to ensure the quality protection, we take a step ahead and shrink wrap the toys. So that the toys are dust free and not be affected by the outside environment, thereby delivering a safe and hygienic toy for your child.

Our sole aim is to deliver the best merchandise for your little dumpling. Because for us, the smile on your child’s face is our greatest reward and hence, we make sure your child receives a new looking possession on time, every time.

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