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  • Product Code : 37AKH0501
  • Point : 750

Material: Plastic

Battery : No.

Brand: Simba

No of Pieces : 5


Pindaloo is a juggling game which is both challenging and fun. Whatever your age, you’ll hone your motor skills and improve your hand to eye coordination as you
 master the basics of play, and go on to develop your own cool tricks. Suitable for any level, this is a totally inclusive game.
You improve hand-eye coordination simply by following the balls.
A Cool Skill Therapy And Game - Playing with Pindaloo necessitates using both sides of the brain while improving balance, gross motor movement, and fine motor skills. Imagine playing a game which not only calms but can be directly responsible for providing help to kids, teens and adults with learning difficulties such as holding a pen. It also improves attention, develops focus, critical and creative thinking and confidence. Just loop and keep it moving for the greatest fun of your life!

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