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Musical Cow Piano

  • Product Code : 13AKH0455
  • Point : 650

Material: Plastic

Battery : Yes.

Brand: Little Tikes

No of Pieces : 1


Funny Cow Shaped Piano is an educational toy with piano keys, music and animal sounds. It has 8 Musical Keys, 6 Animal sound Keys and one Mode key. It helps to develops baby’s cognition as well as sensory motor skills.This toy has eye catching design with good sound, music and colours as well as light flashes in the piano when keys pressed. 3 Modes Press Mode key to select different modes Mode 1 pressing the music keys play tone sound and pressing animal keys gives corresponding animal sound. Mode 2 pressing the music keys play a song and animal keys gives animal sound with a song. Mode 3 repeatedly pressing the keys will play a complete song and animal keys plays a song. 

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