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Table Top Football

  • Product Code : 511KH0439
  • Point : 1500

Material: Wooden

Battery : No.

Brand: Mattel


The perfect gift for a football enthusiast. Allow your child to enjoy an exciting football game anytime. It hovers on smooth surfaces and Allow your kid (or anothers) the capacity to turn any smooth surface into thier very own football field. The large size table top football is loads of fun without taking up loads of space. You don't have to have a huge game room or basement-manhall to own this cool, table-top version of the game we all love. At just 20" long, this table top football game lets you play in any room in the house. Football is lightweight and easy to move but big enough for heated action. Easy to store away when not in use. Top-scoring features: real life action: 4 rows of 3 players - two for each team.

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