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Teleprobe Spy Set

  • Product Code : 511KH0363
  • Point : 850

Material: Plastic

Battery : Yes.

Brand: Benjamin

No of Pieces : 8

Description: Tele-Probe Spy Set (Hear And See Far Away). Tele-Probe (Long Range Listening Device With Telescope And Microscope) has Amazing Hearing Power ,Fully Detachable Components, Motion Alarm, Motion Detector.These Cool Looking Devices Are Perfect For Spying, Or Just For Having Fun. Hear Far Away Sounds While You Disguise Yourself With The Eyeglasses. Use The Motion Alarm To Protect Your Belongings With Ease. The Combination Telescope/Microscope And The Flashlight Completes this Versatile Spy Kit.It contains Earphones, Flashlight, Motion Alarm, Telescope & Microscope.

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