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  • Product Code : 711KH0309
  • Point : 600

Material: Cardboard

Battery : No.

Brand: Other

No of Pieces : 93+Booklet


Sudoku Spin Master is a unique game in offering a competitive platform for many players to compete with one another using their logical skills at the same time adopting strategy.
It is a one-of-a-kind game wherein game-play continues smoothly without any goof-ups due wrong placement of tiles on the board. The unique answer dial ensures fair competition as none of the neighbouring numbers are revealed in the Sudoku matrix while checking for correct placements.

For each Sudoku Challenge, some of the numbers 1 to 9 are already shown in the grids of the matrix in each example. The appropriate numbered tiles have to be taken out from the bag and placed on the matched location on the board before start of play.  The rest of the empty slots need to be filled by the players with the remainder numbered tiles using the Sudoku logic.

For Sudoku buffs it is not just about figuring out where the number tiles need to be placed on the grid. Scoring more points revolves around saving some of the tiles to get advantage of bonus points while completing rows, columns and squares. An expert may sometimes withhold placing a tile because the next player may score heavily based on this placement. Towards the end of game one has to be more calculative in deciding whether to finish first or last to gain maximum points.

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