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  • Product Code : 79AKH0116
  • Point : 1200

Material: Paper

Battery : No.

Brand: Hasbro

No of Pieces : 54

Description: Taboo is a fun guessing game based on clues.

  • The team must guess the secret word on the card with clues given by a teammate.
  • You lose a point if you use any of the Taboo words .
  • Timer keeps track and buzzes when you're out of time.
  • Game-changer die lets you change up the game once you've mastered the classic version
  • When a describer uses any Taboo words, use the squeaker to squeak them Easy to learn, this game provides loads of entertainment with friends and family. Break the ice at picnics with this fun-filled game that will surely tickle your funny bone.

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Amazing way to improve english with fun.
Vivek Jain,05-03-2018

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