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Wooden Shape Sorter

  • Product Code : 35AKH0511
  • Point : 700

Material: Wooden

Battery : No.

Brand: Baybee

No of Pieces : 17


It is a classic all-time favourite toy, its a great way to make children imagination come true, Beautiful and cute set with an attractive design; Made of high quality wood; Kids will have unlimited fun and be occupied for a long time Brightly colored with fun shapes and styles,sturdy wooden Wooden Assembling Shape Box, Helps your child develop their creative side as they grows curious about various things that are not looked closely at plus keeping them engaged in the activity; Excellent for gross motor skills as the child moves the rolling pin up and down the board. Improve hand-eye coordination: Build motor skills put 15 different shapes in the correct hole and put them out to exercise the child's observation and practical ability to provides hand-eye coordination.

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