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Mapology World Map with Flags and Capitals

  • Product Code : 511KH0471
  • Point : 700

Material: Other

Battery : No.

Brand: Other

No of Pieces : 151

Description: A unique and fun foam puzzle specially design to explore and learn about countries, their flags and capitals across the world. This entire puzzle is a great learning aid to europe and world map that comes with 3 foam puzzle frames - 2 for world map and 1 for europe map, to help children get a magnified view of popular european country. The puzzle accompanies 83 nation pieces cut in as per political map shapes and snugly fit with each other to create an impact of the world map, which ensure hours of fun and constructive play time for kids. The toy pack also contain sticker for flags and capital of 83 countries from around the world. Stick the flag sticker on one side and capital sticker of the same country on other side of the flag and place the flag on the belonging countries. Guiding instruction is provided with in the box to help kids place right flag on the right country. 

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