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About Khilona Express is an online toy library with the concept “Why Buy ...Rent a Toy”. As a parent, we always want our kids to get all the best sources of fun, learning, and development from around the world. However, they get bored with every toy or game once they outgrow it. Those toys end up being placed in a corner and thrown out of the house after some time. here comes up with a vision and a purpose - that every child in the country should have access to the best toys that can significantly contribute to their physical and intellectual development, while also being a source of immense joy for the child, and that too, at an affordable price.

Toys on rent is the most practical way of giving your child an endless supply of games and toys. It not only saves money and space but is a completely hassle-free solution. Our value for money toy subscription plans can give your child numerous toys without any hassles of buying & storing. You can simply rent the toys online by creating a wishlist on and enjoy uninterrupted fortnightly delivery at your doorstep.

While the child brings home happiness and warmth, but with great joy comes greater responsibility of the safety of your little bundle of joy. Thus, it is very important to use supreme quality products which are safe and hygienic. QUALITY & HYGIENE is our utmost priority. The toys offered by us are clean and sanitized. Also, we have something for every taste and age.

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Let your child enjoy these growth years to the fullest with our finest books and toys.


Quality is our utmost priority. Here are a few brands that we trust.

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